Sunday, 19 June 2011

The "will my step ladder stand on gravel post"

Tomorrow i will be renovating the the paint is flaking
what i want to know is will the stepladder {with me on}stay still on the gravel,or will i end up in a pile on the floor picking tiny pebbles out of my knees and a paintpot on my head?

shopping list.

paint (white and for outside use)
plasters (just in case)
dettol (same as above)

********************DUE TO THE WEATHER**************************
the painting was postponed until now,
so tomorrow i will be painting the porch!! whoo hoooo

lush bath bomb (as i will need one after all the hard work)


  1. If it doesn't then make sure you get piccies ;o)
    and enjoy that lush bath bomb, think I might pop one in my bath later!

    B xxx

  2. Found your sweet blog through B, hope the painting went ok! can't wait to see what else you get up to :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. popped over to say hi, B sent me!!!
    hopefully your painting of the porch was a success today can't wait to see the results

  4. Follwed from Beki - she is FAB... & you got me smiling on your first post.

    I do hope that you post soon, so that we can find out if steps & gravel go together. I fear internet connections are poor in hospitals, so if no word from you, I will have to think the worst!