Saturday, 25 June 2011

lovely things i have got this week.............

The nicest thing i have got this week is a beautiful parcel from kandipandi's cute shop.
i had had a busy day at work and when i got home there was a card form the postie on the floor,my heart sank,
i was so looking forward the getting my candle.

joy!! it said that he had left it in the wheelie bin!

in the wheelie bin on top of the rubbish!!!

so i grabbed it and took it in doors,i really did not want to open it ,it was beautifully wrapped.

after the brown paper and string  was the baby blue tissue and pink ribbon,
inside was the cutest little cup candle and a gift of a little bath fizzer heart ,lavender my fave!
the tissue by the way smelt fab due to the bath fizzer,
i have lit the candle and it smells divine the whole kitchen smells of fresh gingerbread,yummy ,
make sure you have a look at her fab shop.

so here's what was in the parcel....

her shop Addy is Folksy (google it) i haven't worked out how to do links yet
then kandipandi

ooh and also have been added to kandipandi's swap
and my partner is it just me or?

look forward to finding out about you and then parcel will be winging its way to you.


  1. Lovely! :)

    If you want to do links you can either just copy and past the url in the top bar. Or you can copy the url and then in the post you are typing highlight a word that you want to be the link and at the top of the post box there is a button that says link click that and paste the url into the box which says URL next to it.

  2. Thanks for the kind words chick!
    Hugs Kandi x

  3. Hi, I'm your swap buddy on Kandi's Fabric swap, sorry I took so long to get in contact, had such a busy couple of weeks! My email is Looking forward to hearing from you.